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Your experience with Elevate Your Event begins with you contacting me! Let's talk about everything you are looking for (linens, decor, services) your vision of how you want your event to look and feel. Ready to meet in person? Let's do it!  We will pull decor from my collections, and set a couple of sample table table top designs to give you a real visual how your event will look and feel. That's the most fun, and it's what you really want to see, right? 
Full service decor set-up/tear-down with your rental selections is one of your service options. Starting with laying out your linen to  finishing with lighting your candles, we can take care of everything  decor and detail related, so you can enjoy and experience your event~~almost like your guests! No worries for you! 
The full service option includes: venue visit with client, design consultation, linens and fabric treatments, centerpiece selections, candles. A custom, coordinating designed backdrop to be placed either behind your head table or cake table. Accent tables such as: your cake, dessert, gift, welcome tables, and so on, will get some special attention too!
If you are confident with your event planning and design skills, timeline, etc. we have "a la carte" rental options for singular items (or your whole event's decor!) you might be searching for to complete your vision. You are welcome to shop the collection, create a rental wish list, pick up, set-up, tear down, pack and return your selections. Both standard and premium specialty linens are available to rent "a la carte", as well. 
I look forward to visiting with you to elevate your event! Let's get started!
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